Biomarkers for Bioaccessibility and Bioavailability

Biomarkers are organic measures of a biological state. It is a characteristic that is quantitatively measured and assessed as an indicator of regular biological processes, pathological processes or pharmacological responses to a therapeutic intervention. Indicators can exist as quantitative or biochemical qualitative ones. They are also involved in the research related to drug development. Biomarkers are used to perform a clinical assessments Biomarkers may be used alone or in combination to evaluate the wellbeing or illness condition of a person. More proficient disclosure and utilization of biomarkers in the advancement of anti-diabetes medications will rely on propelling comprehension of the pathogenesis of diabetes and particularly its macrovascular intricacies.

  • Biological, functional and histological indicators
  • Qualitative biochemical markers
  • Quantitative biochemical markers
  • Biomarkers as health and disease predictors
  • Biomarkers in drug development.

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